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Aston Martin 1


     The Aston Martin Owners Club 


These images and text were re-discover. They were original on the Restored-classics-com  website, that is now defunct.  
They are reproduced from a damaged hard drive that was created in the early 2000's
Originally Assembled By Brian McMillan , Pat Davis,  Alan Puckett and others.
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Owned by Brian McMillan.

The back view of my car was taken coming into a beautiful valley in Scotland. Tony, in photo, is 6 foot 6 and it was a tight fit with both of us plus luggage for 6 weeks in the little car

photo below

This Aston was the personal car of Bert Bertelli who was the owner and chief engineer of AM from 1927 to 1935.

     It ran in the first RACQ rally in 1932 driven by Dusty Rhodes.

It is a 1.5 litre single O/H cam, twin SU engine with pressure fed cam and crank from a dry sump. It also has a split cooling system so that the head gets the coldest water.

     The Ulster model, which would do 100mph, had bigger carbs and a modified cam.

     A delight to drive on good winding country roads, with 14" drums to pull it up quickly.

     It is geared to do 100kph at 3300rpm. I have seen 4400 and it should rev safely to 6000 though not on its small carbys

[McMillan, Brian]

Photo below 
taken on the banks of the Thompson River at Longreach  Queensland, during a visit  for the opening of the Qantas founders museum in May 2002

photo Below

Journeys end at Lands End,  after 6500 kms all over the UK including the Scottish tour from Balmoral Castle, up to John' Groats and across the top of Scotland and down to Glencoe

Mungallala and Muckadilla are two great pubs between Roma and Charleville