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Darracq  V14  16HP

Make                 Darracq

Model type        V14  16HP

Body                 Tourer

Year                  1914

Electrics            12v dynamo and original electric lights

Engine               4 cylinder

Capacity           2.9 litre

Bore                  85mm

stroke                130mm

Ignition              magneto

fuel                    gravity feed

cooling              water pump and fan - honeycomb  radiator   

clutch                leather cone type

gears                 4 forward and one reverse,  transmission worm under drive

brakes                rear wheel only foot brake to transmission handbrake                                  to  rear drum

tyres                  815 x 105  


This is one of the cars designed by Mr Owen Cleg  after he had been brought in from Rover to assist the ailing  Darracq plant in Paris.  The car bears more than a passing resemblance to the Rover of the same period.

The history of this car  is fairly well recorded as it was rallied extensively during the 1940's  and 1950's .

It was with one owner for 28 Years before being sold by Sotheby's  in 1988,  since that time it has undergone a lengthy rebuild and restoration.

The car was acquired by David Locket in December 1998.