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half a chance

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"It is a Chicken" Pronounced Basil the Bloodhound.

"How can you tell/ Asked Spot

"Evidence" replied Basil/

Look at the claw prints left in the ground. It is clearly a Chicken.

"It looks to me like it has Webbed feet"   said Spot.

"No! No! No! " Insisted Basil. The webbed footprint effect is Totally due to the waterlogged sand.  These things can be quite deceptive to the untrained eye. Note the way the footprints have evidently hopped over the small stream.  If it were a duck it would  simply have splashed right through without fear.  The creature we are tracking has clearly chosen to avoid the water.

O.K. said Spot,  and added  " it has got big feet".

"Big Chicken" confirmed Basil.