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Rules For Survival 

I was traveling quite well when I heard a ‘pop’. I felt an instant wobble in the steering and I slowly ground to a halt. . . . Bugger! . . I never had a spare wheel!.

All Australians are educated from early childhood with rules like “don’t go wandering off “. . “If lost stay where you are”.

These rules  sprung  instantly to mind.  

I did have a flask of water. It was a cool day and the thought of dehydration did occur to me, but it was not as if it was a 45 degree day so I never panicked. .

Knowing the local country is always high priority consideration in the art of survival. To be perfectly truthful I must confess that the trees and the local shrubs at this location did look a little different, a bit peculiar.  I never knew this country. 

 I recall old timers telling me that every different landscape holds its own perils. . . I decided I stayed where I was . . (the right thing to do).

It was some time later when I heard a distant sound of an engine

 My excitement rose, and although I could not tell if it was the sound of a motorbike or even a helicopter. I sprang into action. I removed the tire from my front wheel, gathered a few leaves and started a fire.

  In less than ten minutes I had created a solid plume of black smoke (visible for miles). . (this was a well tested outback survival trick that I had learned over my bush survival training ).

It was not long after when the black smoke plume had easily identified my location that  a lone policeman peddled toward me and parked his bicycle next to mine. 

This ‘London ‘Bobby’ pulled out a notebook and said in a strong English (Cockney) accent . . 

“It is against the law to light fires in Hyde Park London” .

Pat Davis



Attempting any task will require some learning. There will always be Rules For Survival, or Success.

  Make sure you apply the 'RIGHT' rules for the right task.

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The Parable meaning

                   'didactic', 'evangelical', and, 'prophetic and judicial'

           'Parable' means a short story that teaches a moral or           spiritual lesson Intended to teach, particularly in

       having moral instruction as an ulterior motive. 


Pat Davis

Is a retired tradesman that has been a Hobby writer for many years.

  He has written short stories for many weekly and monthly magazines From Penthouse to Womens weekly. Several 'Joke of the month' for weekly's like the  PIX and the POST

 Retirement gives him time to spend

Hobby writing.