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Sales rules

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I should point out at this early stage that most of the following rules will contradict each other or any of the following citations.  It is the salespersons' responsibility to pick and choose the appropriate jurisdiction, or to assign a proper order of priority. 

(1)  Assignment -
 A message for all sales staff that will not harm your ultimate goal.
A car drives up to your establishment. You as a  sales professional will naturally note the make, model, age of this vehicle, if your potential customer arrives in a Rolls Royce (lucky you),  typically, you should take them immediately to the  'Axminster' or 'Wilton' carpet display.    (you can adjust your target range depending on what you are selling. Currently, our environment is in a Floorcovering establishment).
If the potential buyer arrives in a Mercedes Benz or any late-model luxury vehicle, the same rule applies.  A Ford Fairlane, or a new Mustang should urge you to nothing less than 100% wool pile carpet.  On the other end of the scale, a Datsun 180B will tempt you to a lower price range, low plush pile polypropylene sound about right.
These are potential customers.  If an Elderly lady arrives in a busted up heap of a car.  Three yapping dogs in the back, a baby seat is hanging on the rear seat. Then You change your attitude completely. You must treat this woman the same way you would treat your own Mother. 
No. Your first impression is probably correct, "This Old Girl is not a big spender.'  But the chances are she has Children, Grandchildren,  and If you can  let her go home with the thought  "These are charming people." She may well influence a host of descendants.