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A sausage a day.

Imagine that when you looked out on to your front lawn one morning and it was bare. 

   Yes! of course it has grass, a few flowers, possibly a couple of bushes. It looks neat and tidy. But no Dogs.

"So What, nothing unusual here"  You may think, quite naturally. The purpose of your lawn is not to attract Dogs.

Who wants stray dogs invading your freshly mown grass every day? Nobody. You know it would happen. So you do not throw a  sausage on your lawn every morning.

Imagine what would happen if you were to chop up a sausage and throw it on your freshly mown grass Every day for a month?

Stray dogs (or any other creature that eats sausages) will find it.

"Yes, they probably would," you might well say to yourself.

Something to understand about dogs is 'They Remember'. They will remember where that sausage was. They will in all likelihood, have a quick sniff around the next time they pass by your garden (just in case). Quite probably the thought "OOH There was a sausage in that yard the last time I passed this way". Possibly This might mildly excite them.

Imagine if you did this every day for a month.

As it happens, dogs can be reasonably secretive about where they bury bones (or bury their sausages) It also happens that little secrets like where to find sausages do not go unnoticed. 

If perchance you were interested in mapping or recording the local strays or wandering dogs in your neighbourhood, this would set you on an excellent and dependable pathway to attracting all of them.

The truth is that if you dropped a sausage every day on your front lawn, you would end up with a dog problem.

What would happen if you wished to attract a different creature? Possibly not a dog.

 Let me think? What sort of problem would we like to have on our front lawn? None!

How about trying to create the same problem somewhere where it would not become a hassle?

How about your blog?

What would happen if you dropped the equivalent of sausage on your blog every morning?

 "Now we are starting to hone in on the target."

Where do I get Blog Sausages?

Funny you should ask that, I might have one you could use.

                                                                            Pat Davis


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It does not matter how slowly you go

 as long as you do not stop. – Confucius


                           Pat Davis

Is a retired tradesman that has been a Hobby writer for many years.

He has written short stories for many weekly and monthly magazines From Penthouse to W omens weekly several 'Joke of the month' for weekly's like the  PIX and the POST

Retirement gives him time to spend

Hobby writing.