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The Hand Shake
Herbert had Studied for many years to obtain his engineering degree. He had then spent several years working for a variety of different small manufactures.
This study was all for the single purpose of fulfilling his lifetime dream of manufacturing a compressed air motor that could accumulate pure wind power, compress it and store it at extremely high pressures to power his wind bicycle.

Herbert had finally arrived at a point where he had developed working plans for a machine that could manufacture a workable sized compressed air-fuel cell. 
The fuel cell could be attached to hang from the crossbar of almost any regular bicycle.
He had also designed a power hub that fitted into a regular-sized rear wheel.

The Bank told Herbert "It will never work". No Loan! 
The general opinion was that Herbert's invention was no more than a hopeless dream. Nobody will ever invest money in this crackpot dream.

There was one interested party, A local moneylender. A crook. from all accounts, he invested in house owners with drug habits, With the sole intent of making a financial gain at any cost.

This Crook went by the name of Big Henry. His tactics were to obtain property, houses, smaller items, cars, caravans. Virtually any assets he could wrangle in exchange for cash, loans, or even promises.

Big Henry operated with the assistance of his cousin Malcolm, a Lawyer. Cousin Malcolm had the legal skills to provide proper documentation to make any fraud pass as legal and legitimate.
Big Henry had the know-how of getting the target to sign the document.

Herbert decided that he might have the wits and know-how to match Big Henry. Because Henry also had a Lawyer as a close relative, a brother.
 Herbert had his own team. His brother, and his next-door neighbour who  was a Justice of the piece. The perfect witness for any signature.
Henry thought that with the assistance of a Lawyer (brother) , a Justice of the piece (friend living next door), he could possibly have the tools required to Con the Conman.

But this was not enough. Henry understood that any agreement made would involve some form of paperwork, a signature. Legal documentation, witnesses. It would take a Magician or an expert in sleight of hand to accomplish an exchange of documentation, An incredibly Sneaky substitution of documents. To successfully exchange legal papers within full view, yet unnoticed to obtain legal signatures.

Henry set himself the task of finding A magician.
 At first, the thought of finding an expert in sleight of hand should be easy. but this also created problems.

The Magician Insisted that he would require  copy's of the legal documents. Time to study,  handle and thoroughly examine these documents. He also needed a reproduction or a facsimile, that could be substituted for the original documents.
 He also required the format of the material to be adjusted. As an example, all the signatures should preferably be in the bottom right-hand corner of every page. Substituted This would aid the deception. The person signing could ad a signature without unfolding the whole agreement or contract.

The Magician also required a full copy of the legal documents Both the original and the substitute for several days before the exchange  to be able to examine then carefully.

He  also required to have access to, and make any required modification to the desk the office where the document signing would take place and even the seating arrangements where the document was to be signed.

All of these tasks were completed, Tried, Practised, and perfected.

Several weeks later After Henry and Big Bob signed the pages of the agreement.
Big Bob stood up proudly and offered his hand to Henry.
"Congratulations Henry You are now a full-time employee of
Airpow company ltd

Henry offered his hand in return. A handshake is a man's word.

"I do not think so," said Henry.



Simply because You can grasp the concept,  and in your mind you can can make it work.  It does not mean it is possible.  



The Parable meaning

    'didactic', 'evangelical', and, 'prophetic and judicial'

           'Parable' means a short story that teaches a moral or           spiritual lesson Intended to teach, particularly in

       having moral instruction as an ulterior motive.


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