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Complete Twaddle.

Firstly, I should like to  explain. Precisely what 'Twaddle' is.

Google will tell us that Twaddle is "trivial or foolish speech or writing" even "nonsense writing". Possibly even "self-indulgent twaddle".

Wordsmiths might well use a variety of different words like dribble, codswallop, stuff and nonsense, flapdoodle, bunkum, tommyrot, bullshit, bollocks, or simply Rubbish.

At this point, I feel that I could well be preaching to the converted.
I will admit quite freely that I am quite adept at writing 'Twaddle' although I do need more practice. Unfortunately, as a part-time freelance or Hobby writer, It seems that I am entirely unequipped, actually to sell Twaddle.

Fortunately, FaceBook has many semi-professional Freelance "English First" writers, To satisfy public demand. . .  I cannot Compete.

Facebook forums have very few 'Twaddle Free' Zones. Complete and utter Twaddle on Facebook could almost be considered RAMPANT!

Personally, I have a preference for Harmless Twaddle. Twaddle with good intent, even 'Harmless self-indulgent crap'. I consider this to be perfectly acceptable. however, false, deceptive, uninformed, misleading, or even outright lies, I dislike.

My own Self-indulgent Twaddle. I quite enjoy writing it.

You probably realised this  by now.


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