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I have always loved Wallpaper. 

    My father Hung Wallpaper in every house our family ever lived in when we were all growing up. Whenever we moved house, My  Mother scoured the shops for  cheap Wallpaper,  Us kids considered ourselves lucky if there wasn't  any  Paisley pattern on a discount. 

    One year A wall might be covered in flowers,  later to be updated to stripes.  Dad liked stripes as  there was no reason to waste paper with stripes (a little bit on each cut),  On a full room this could save a whole roll.

    When I lived in Tasmania for a year, The Company I worked for issued me with an old house (rent free).  They for also supplied free wood for the fireplace. (naturally I hung wallpaper).
    I pasted a large wallpaper Mural of a wooded forest scene behind our bed. It reminded me of the New Forest area, Fordingbridge & Ringwood Forest, where I spent a lot of my teenage years.

    The room was quite small and furnished with Just a king sized bed. The bed took up most of the room,  The New forest mural that covered the entire wall behind the bed. A young wife, 
I was living halfway up a mountain at a Place called Storeys creek. It was a small house, a blazing fire on a cold night made the place feel extremely cosy.

   I never expected to find. 
Wallpaper that comes off with no damage to the wall, Mould resistant. With promos that say things like.

   "Non-woven wallpaper is revolutionising the wallpaper industry and the way we all think about wallpaper.  Gone are the days when wallpaper was impossible to put up and even more impossible to tear down."

If you are from the city, No need to miss your home town - Simply hang it in your lounge room